Facebook Is Going To Share Users’ Data To Help In Emergencies

Facebook is going to share users data to organizations to help out in emergencies. In a blog post on Wednesday, Facebook said its going to create disaster maps for the aid to group such as Red Cross to show users locations, movements, and status updates.

“Facebook can help response organizations paint a more complete picture of affected people are located so they can decide where resources food, water and medical supplies are needed and where people are out of harm’s way,” Facebook said. Facebook had previously help users in dangerous areas to check-in as safe with family and friends.

The company said it only plans to share users location information people have chosen to share with Facebook. The event of an earthquake, flood or other catastrophe the map can pin point where to focus their attention on.

Facebook emphasized that it was only sharing information with trusted organizations that have to the ability to help people and at the same time respect our privacy standards.


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