McDonald’s Uses Snapchat To Hire Younger Workers

McDonald’s is trying a new approach when it comes to filling 250,000 positions this summer. McDonald’s is using Snapchat, where teens and college-age men and women use to chat and share pictures to find potential employees instead of using LinkedIn and other job websites.

The fast food restaurant is calling the hiring tool Snaplications. If someone is looking for a job at McDonald’s, all they have to do send a 10-second video ad about how great it is to work at McDonald’s, and a manager would contact them when something becomes available. If the applicant wants to know more about job openings there is a link to McDonald’s on Snapchat career page.

According to the company, McDonald’s used this same tactic earlier this year in Australia, and it worked. The company wants to hire younger workers because teenage employment has declined since the late 1970s, and Snapchat is the best way to connect to younger people.

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