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Walking By Faith To Get To Your Journey

In order to gain prosperity in life, you have to walk by faith. First, walking by faith is believing with your whole heart and soul, regardless of your religion and no matter what and how bad the situation might be that everything is going to work out for your good. Trust me when I say that they were times when I woke up without a dime in my pocket to provide for my family and by the end of the day I had a pocket full of money. You know why? Because I walked by faith! Then, there was a time when I was homeless and did not have no place to go. I had to sleep in my car. I mean I was down to my very last, but I did not lose my faith. Now, I live in a house on two acres of land because I walked by faith. I do not want to come across to anyone as an arrogant person. I just want to show you when you walk by faith nothing is impossible. I’m here to tell you today if you are living in fear, stop it! There is nothing to be afraid about, especially when everything that you need to become successful is right at your fingertips.

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