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Neiman Marcus Sells Destroyed Sneakers for $1,425

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Neimum Marcus is now selling shoes that look as if they went through War World 1, or if they pulled them out the trash can for $1,425.The white and yellow sneaker come fully equipped with large holes, peeled leather, and the upper part seems as if it’s being held together by staples. Neimum Marcus is competing with Nordstrom who are selling old muddied jeans for $425. 

The Italian made High-Top sneaker was created by top fashion designer Maison Margiela who is known for his deconstructed and avant-garde designs.The sneakers are now available at all high-end department stores. To top it off, Neimum Marcus is offering free shipping and returns to anyone who wants to buy the sneaker.

Lastly, if you have old shoes, or sneakers you don’t use anymore. You can use them to create your own designer shoe and become a millionaire.