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Jay Z And Beyonce Are Officially Worth A Billion Dollars

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Jay Z and Beyonce have a perfect relationship that most people wish they had.They have climbed to the top of mountain together. As reported, Jay Z and Beyonce combined net worth is $1.16 billion dollars according to Forbes. Separately, Jay Z is worth $810 million, and Beyonce is worth $350 million. Jay Z is the second richest rapper. Sean Diddy Combs beat him for first place.

Jay Z and Beyonce are known for being a successful business owners. Jay Z is the founder of Roc Nation, and owns the rights to Tidal an online music streaming system. In January, Sprint brought 33% of Tidal for $200 million. He also, have a stake in Uber. Beyonce is known for music, her Lemonade album came in No. 1 making her one of the richest black woman.

Congratulation, Jay Z and Beyonce on your perfect union!